Social Magic Post in-depth review after 30 days


Social Post Magic is a cloud-based app, that allows you to connect to most of the social platform giants on the web (like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo, Reddit, Telegram, and more) and establish, plan, and organize your business from one easy to use software.‌‌

Social Post Magic — is a tool which instantly connects all your social media to the platform and creates, schedules and manages your business from one easy platform.‌‌

Social Post Magic is claimed to own Integrations to all or any of the most important Cloud Storage Suites and also said Puts the ability Of Automation Into Your Social Media Marketing. This can be something excellent for those that want to manage all their social networks in one compact location.‌‌

Most people find Social media to be an absolute minefield with such a lot to try and do especially if one has registered all told of them. The management becomes somewhat very difficult especially if there's a continuity of posing stuff every single day.

Social Post Magic brings all the management to 1 Dashboard. I find this very fascinating and serves or proves to be an answer within the management of all my social media accounts. Anyone operating several accounts and has got to post stuff on a daily and continual process would love this.

I have always believed in embracing new technology and with the changing times, things won't hamper but maintain the tempo. Over the following few years, we'll still see new social media platforms cropping up hence the concept of managing all of them on one platform is extremely ideal.‌‌

In simple words, Social Post Magic is a marketing platform for businesses where you can attach all the social media accounts to broadcast on them all from one single platform. ‌‌

I think it's an incredible thing and I agreed to write an article notifying interested people to try out this wonderful new product called Social Post Magic.

social magic post review 2021

‌‌‌‌‌‌Now, Not only just create, but schedule your posts!

Well, it’s great. While working on a product you need to make sure that you post on each one of the social media platforms at a certain time. And it was near to impossible for most of us to post on all the platforms at once.

And, this difficulty is now cracked by Social Post Magic. Here not only you can broadcast on all the platforms at a single click, but you can also schedule a post-

You need to:

1. Select what platforms to upload

2. Select a post image (if you wish)

3. Type in the text (caption)

4. Select date and time, and hit publish.

5. You are all batch to automatically disseminate your post on all your social media accounts at the period you referred to. Just press publish and forget, the mysterious will happen on its own and you will watch your posts on all your social media accounts.

6. You can make it Recurring.

7. You can moreover make it recurring, which implies it will be broadcasted on a systematic regularity automatically.

8. For example, you have a commodity sale in 2 weeks and you have formulated a post-content for your deal, you hope to post this content every third day. See, how simple it is. It actually can improve the way people utilize social media.


social magic post review

Let's check Social Post Magic's other features -

  • Connect unlimited accounts – You can add multiple social media account to it and can manage all of them at one place. Choose your account while uploading post.
  • Create unlimited posts – There is no post limit on any account whatsoever, you can post millions of post if you want and there is no charge for it.
  • Cloud Based Storage Integration – All your major cloud based storage systems like Google Drive, Dropbox are available inside the platform so you can choose file directly from there and add it to your post. Its very easy and helpful.
  • Local Files Upload – You can even add files from your computer, you can select single or multiple files and add them to your post and all of them will be posted when you hit publish.
  • Generate Reports – You can even generate reports of your account and get track of your data.
  • Bulk Schedule – Bulk Schedule allows you to schedule posts in bulk, you can add them once and they all will get uploaded automatically, you need not to worry about it.
  • & more…
social magic post review 2021
Benefits for your business
Get your Social media EXPLODING
Get across all of the social media via one single platform and increase the reach of your business.
Posting regularly, keeping everything updated and current, it will keep your business in the eyes of your customers.
You can’t afford to be seen to be ‘Not up to date’ or ‘Late at the party’, it will get you recognition.
Instantly connect, post, schedule to ALL of your accounts… It helps you Do months or YEARS worth of content in just minutes.

My rating earned by this software is 4.7/5 as compare to other similar softwares avaliable in the market right now due to its cheap pricing..

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